How I Set Intentional Goals with PowerSheets + My January 2018 Goals


Traditional goal setting has never really worked for me. You too? Then keep on reading, my friend!

I would think of these big lofty dreams that I would call “goals”, write them in my journal or in a Google Doc in the new year and then forget about them until December. That’s not to say I wasn’t still growing and accomplishing things, but often the desires of my heart were forgotten once life picked up after the holidays. I needed something to help me uncover what I really want and stay consistent while I go get it.

Enter: PowerSheets!

2018 PowerSheets for intentional goal setting - How I use PowerSheets + my January Goals

PowerSheets is an intentional goal-setting planner that helps you uncover purpose-filled goals and plan action steps to make what matters happen. But, it’s not a typical planner at all. There’s no monthly overview or spots to write out your day-to-day tasks. This is a big picture, 186 page, vision book. These bad boys aren’t just for business owners at all, PowerSheets are perfect for women at any stage of life!

Keep reading for my #1 goal setting tip, and my goals for January 2018!

Goal Setting Tip: Start with the big picture goal and make it smaller.

You might be thinking “DUH, that’s so obvious!” But, you might be shocked by how frequently you forget this. The key to achieving goals is to look at the big picture dream and whittle it down to smaller specific goals that can be completed quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily. We so often stop with the big picture goals like “grow my email list”, “make 5 figures a month”, and “lose weight”. But, the problem is that none of these goals imply action.

Here’s how you could flip each one into action steps:

Goal: Grow my email list to 1,000 subscribers:

  • Monthly Goal: Create 3 free blog content upgrades per month
  • Weekly Goal: Schedule 2 hours of content creation time per week

Goal: Make 5 Figures a month consistently

  • Quarterly Goal: Book out client work 3 months in advance
  • Monthly Goal: Book 4 clients this month
  • Weekly Goal: Talk to 2 potential new clients per week
  • Daily Goal: Spend 30 minutes job hunting

Do you see the difference? When you work the big goal down to little goals, you have something you can put on your calendar. And, big win… you’ll actually achieve the goal.

This is one of my favorite things about PowerSheets! For each big goal, you create smaller steps that you can tend to each and every month until you reach the goal. So, tell me, what's your best tips for goal setting?!

2018 PowerSheets for intentional goal setting - How I use PowerSheets + my January Goals

January 2018 Goals:

Here are my January goals as we slide into the new year! To be totally honest, it feels quite vulnerable sharing these with you all, and I heavily considered not sharing it. It also makes me feel accountable - which sometimes feels hard. If this is a post you like, let me know and I’ll continue doing these each month, with updates on the previous month’s goals! I filled my January PowerSheets monthly with personal goals (and a few business ones too). I have a couple of other business goals for this month not listed as well.

Monthly Goals:

    • Establish a morning routine
      • I want to get in the habit of rising early, reading my Bible/meditating, working out, and getting ready all before 8 am! Currently, I get most of that done, but something always gets cut short or cut out completely.
    • Memorize scripture: Romans 12:1-4
      • I’m making it a goal this year to memorize a passage of scripture each month. I’m starting small with just 4 verses from Romans!
    • Give a gift to someone
      • Another goal for the year is to give a friend or family member a gift each month. I LOVE gift giving, and it’s something I don’t want to just save for the holidays!
    • Book 3 new clients
      • This goal probably should have been higher since I booked 2 clients on January 2nd (woohoo!) - almost there!
    • Publish 7 blog posts
    • Launch Lulu’s website
      • Lulu is one of the clients I’m working with this month! I’m designing a website for her coaching business.
    • Read StoryBrand book by Donald Miller
    • Read a fun fiction book (I’ve chosen What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty)
    • Make a fun Whole30 meal with Adam
      • I’m doing the January Whole30, and since my husband and I love cooking together, making a challenging, unique Whole30 meal will be a fun way to hang out!
    • Host friends for dinner

Weekly Goals:

    • Quality time with friend 
      • One of my goals for 2018 is to spend more time one-on-one with my friends. Each week I want to spend quality time with one person or have a long, meaningful phone call with my friends who are far away!
    • 2 days with ZERO social media (per week)
      • Something I’ve felt very convicted about is my overuse of social media. For 2 days every week, I plan to avoid the apps altogether, even for my business accounts.
    • Meal prep and plan
    • Encourage 5 people
    • Do something special for Adam
    • Read 100+ pages in my books
      • If I’m going to read both books this month, then I need to make weekly progress of over 100 pages. This goal just serves to help me reach the monthly goal!

Daily Goals:

    • Eat Whole30
      • I’m doing the January Whole30, and a post will be coming about my best Whole30 tips later this month!
    • Eat at least 1 serving of vegetables daily
      • One of my 2018 goals is to eat vegetables everyday. This is pretty easy on Whole30, but I’m wanting to start the habit now anyway!
    • Prayer/Bible time
    • Be active!
    • Simplicity Challenge by Emily Ley
      • This challenge helps you clean out and organize your home, little by little each day for 30 days. Get it here for free!

So, tell me in the comments, do you use PowerSheets? What goals have you set for this month? Anything similar to mine?

Cultivate What Matters is now sold out of the 2018 full year PowerSheets, BUT no worries, you can get the 6-month undated PowerSheets at any time! Click here to shop!


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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. However, I ONLY support brands that I believe are worth the investment and that use in my own life.

2018 PowerSheets for intentional goal setting - How I use PowerSheets + my January Goals

  1. Alexis

    January 5th, 2018 at 4:56 pm

    I am new to Powersheets this year and I have found this to be the best tool!! Thank you so much for sharing your goals and simplicity points. We have a lot of similarities between our goals. Reading 2 books, growing our business, routines, pouring into friends, bible time and prayer. I too want to memorize more verses. I would love any tips you have for that. Thank you for the great post I am new to your blog. 🤗

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